A new church in the city of Goleta

9:30am at Goleta Valley Junior High

Anthem Chapel seeks to proclaim the name of Jesus so that all would look to him and be saved. Our one desire is to love and live like him.

an⋅them /'anTHəm/

a rousing or uplifting song identified with a specific group, body, or cause.

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What God is doing among us in nothing short of a miracle.
We love you CHURCH, and we are praying for you this WEEK! 🖤
BIBLE STUDIES launch this week! We are anticipating great things to come. 🔥
Men, Thursday mornings, 6:15-7:15 am at Anthem HQ!
Women, we have multiple options for you! Monday morning, Wednesday evening, or Friday morning!
Find out more info at Anthemchapel.com. We can’t wait!
TOMORROW! We have an awesome Sunday planned in the house together! Pastor Lars will be preaching the WORD and we have some exciting things to announce to you FAMILY!
9:30 am, Goleta Valley Junior High. 🔥
We have some EXCITING things coming soon at Anthem Chapel! See our website for details.✨
We love Sundays! There’s no place we would rather be. Who can you invite THIS Sunday? Get ready CHURCH, the best is yet to come 🔥

We are a church community that declares Jesus is our Anthem.