A new church in the city of Goleta

9:30am at Goleta Valley Junior High

Anthem Chapel seeks to proclaim the name of Jesus so that all would look to him and be saved. Our one desire is to love and live like him.

an⋅them /'anTHəm/

a rousing or uplifting song identified with a specific group, body, or cause.

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Join us for E A S T E R in the Goodland!  This Sunday we will gather to celebrate JESUS, our living hope. We are serving @handlebarcoffee and free gourmet cupcakes. There will be a kids area for Kindergarten and under plus bouncers and train rides!  9:30 am | Stow House 304 N. Los Carneros
Our outreaches have been in full swing this week! UCSB and all of our Goleta neighbors are being invited to come celebrate our RISEN King!
Join us for our last outreach SATURDAY morning at 9 am! We will meet at Goleta Valley Junior High and go from there.
Easter Sunday is coming, and we are praying for SALVATION to come among us!
It is EASTER week, and we are praying and inviting all to join us this SUNDAY at the Stow House in Goleta.
We are passing out invitations to our service throughout Goleta, and would love for you to join us. We are excited to invite our city to celebrate our RISEN King!
Meet at any of the above locations. Please contact Pastor Lars with any questions!

We are a church community that declares Jesus is our Anthem.