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C-Groups begin the week of September 15th and continue to the week of November 3rd.

Find the link to our Leader Booklet here: C- Group Discussion Booklet – Final


We believe we are better together. You have a unique gifting and calling that we want to set loose in the body of Christ at Anthem Chapel. 

As we look forward to Fall 2019, a component of church life we are pursuing is CGroups. The “C” represents Community, Compassion, and Christ-centeredness. We believe God speaks individually and powerfully to everyone present as we sit in rows on Sunday morning. But we also believe that life transformation and developing deeper relationships happens best in circles. Let’s look at each of the components in greater detail. 


You don’t have to look any further than creation itself to see the importance of relationships. The Bible says that after God created Adam he declared “It is not good for the man to be alone.” This is the first time in scripture where the creation is declared “not good” (Gen 2:18). God remedied the problem by creating the first woman as a wife for Adam. While a relationship with God was critical for Adam, a relationship with another human being was equally important.

What we can learn from this example is that disconnected people rarely become all that God has for them. People need both a personal relationship with Jesus and a personal relationship with His Body, The Church if they are to grow and become the people God has called them to be.


One of the best ways for needs to be met in the faith family of Anthem is through C-Groups. As you gather weekly and spend time with each other, cares and concerns will arise. Someone might be in need of a meal. Another might need help moving. As a leader, you and your co-leader are shepherds over the group.  To be a shepherd means to be attentive and aware to the needs of your group and letting the leadership know of anything that needs special attention. There is no better way to show the compassion of Christ than by caring for each other in your your C-Group. 

Our desire is to not only demonstrate compassion for those in your C-Group but to those on the outside as well. We encourage each C-Group to be involved in an outreach opportunity in the community that will be announced during the course of the season.


The vision behind all that we do is “Jesus is our Anthem”. We look to Him to be saved. Christ is always at the center of what we do. We value the importance of integrating the Sunday morning teaching into the weekly group experience to bring the anthem of Jesus to our community in new, fresh ways.. We believe this helps build unity within our church body and creates a culture of personal application as each group wrestles with how the message can best be lived out in their individual lives and in their community.


September 14, 2019
September 15, 2019