Who We Are

Our Story

Anthem Chapel began in Pastor Nate’s living room with early morning prayer in the fall of 2017. As we prayed, God began to move in our hearts to plant a church that would serve the growing community of Goleta. God gave us vision for the church to unite together under the banner, “Jesus is our Anthem.” The definition of “anthem” is a rousing or uplifting song that represents the ideals and aspirations of a group of people. We chose the name Anthem Chapel to reflect this vision and our association with the Calvary Chapel movement. Our hope is that the next generation and their children will join together and proclaim the name of Jesus so that all would look to Him and be saved. Our primary goal is to raise up a faith family to love Jesus and live like Him.

Click here to read the Anthem Chapel of Goleta's Statement of Faith

Our Vision

We proclaim the name of Jesus so that all would look to Him and be saved. Our one desire is to love and live like Him.

We accomplish our vision through these four mission directives:


Love Christ and Others


Equip Believers


Answer God’s Call


Declare the Gospel

Anthem Elements

Jesus Is Our Anthem. We unite under the banner of Jesus.

We’re unashamed of the Gospel. We proclaim God’s Word with power.

We pull the rope of heaven. Prayer is primary and priority.

Worship is our warfare. We experience breakthrough as we lift our voices.

We are Spirit-led and faith-driven. We rely on the Holy Spirit for bold steps of faith.

Love leads the way. We serve others with care and excellence that points to Jesus.

We’re better together. We believe in strength in Christ-centered community.

Every person matters. We recognize the God-given potential of God’s people, and empower with opportunities to serve.

We’re all in. We have a laser focus to accomplish our vision.